The Escape Rooms and Games

FIVE Escape Room Adventures

Immerse yourselves for up to an hour in the worlds of pirates, cowboys, gangsters or ghosts for groups of 4 - 8 or an experienced group of 2.
Our Escape Room Adventures take you on a journey of discovery as you puzzle your way through the gameplay and unlock the many secrets within. The easiest scenario is Mutiny which is ideal for beginners, families or a group with mixed experience. Our hardest room is Nethercott Manor, not that each element is difficult but there is a huge amount to achieve. We would recommend Dodge City and Outfitters for teams that have some Escape Room experience.

Two Escape Games

Our two escape games are both an hour long, aimed at beginners, fun, simple and contained in just one room, they give new teams and small groups a gentler challenge. If you’re new to Escape Games, then start here and progress to the much greater challenge of our full Escape Room adventures. We have created two scenarios, the easier of the two is Uncle Tick Tock’s circus, with Kraken Casino being slightly harder.

Trip Advisor
Tulleys have been ranked #2 in the world for escape rooms on TripAdvisor! We are constantly improving our games and have our eyes firmly on the number 1 spot!