Tulleys Escape Rooms are now at the heart of Tulleys Farm Entertainments business.

After a brief spell of our old retail building being empty either end of our seasonal events, the famous 'Shocktober Fest' and the ever expanding 'Family Christmas Experience', Stuart Beare made the inspired decision to fill the multi facited space with a series of Escape Rooms - a new and emerging form of entertainment... and it is still growing!

Riding on the back of our award winning Halloween event, Tulleys is blessed with a fantastic crew of creative and skilled workers, which pooled all theirs talents to bring Stuart's designs and ideas to fruition.
The Escape Rooms began with 'Mutiny' and 'Outfitters'', closely followed a year later by 'Dodge City' and the again with the incredibly detailed 'Nethercott Manor'.

These four rooms set the bench mark for Escape Rooms in the south of England, leading to another site being created at Hatton Farm in the Milton Keynes area, bringing the Tulleys Escape Room experience a little further north!

Never ones to stand still... two smaller format, but still challenging 'Escape Games', were added to our attraction hear at Tulleys, 'Kraken Casino' and 'Uncle Tick Tock's Circus'.

The most recent addition to Tulleys Escape Rooms and Games here in Crawley, is the amazing 'SpellCraft' with theatrical sets and themes that beggar belief and a game play the crosses the generations.

Away from the Escape Rooms, and returning to our roots a little... with our latest attractions - 'Pick Your Own Sunflowers' in the Spring and 'Pick Your Own Pumpkins' throughout Autumn.

Watch this space!


Trip Advisor
Tulleys have been ranked #2 in the world for escape rooms on TripAdvisor! We are constantly improving our games and have our eyes firmly on the number 1 spot!