Its a race against time 

Tulleys Escape Rooms


Our Escape rooms are a great way to spend some quality family time together. The cinema is so last year and no one likes the seaside when the rains pouring and the wind is blowing. Immerse yourselves in one of our highly themed escape rooms and try your best against the clock to break out in time. Don’t hang about, you only have an hour to Escape! After you given your brains a good work out


Get everyone talking and start your evening at Tulleys Escape. After dinner, or before drinks, this will give you something to talk about for the whole night! Groups up to eight can take part in one of our puzzle solving, brain picking escape games. And the best thing, the more people you get involved, the cheaper it is, from little as £18 per person.


Whether it is arranged by the boss, or a few of you in the office are getting together after work, it’s a great way to get involved, develop work friendships and get the conversation flowing throughout the office for the following week.


Whether you love a good mystery to solve, like doing a brainteaser in the back of the newspaper or you’re an escape room pro; we’re rated second best in the world, so really test your brains and see if you have what it takes to escape a Tulleys escape room.


Conventional team building days are boring. Bring your delegates for a conference or meeting, for the day or afternoon to Tulleys Farm. The escape rooms bring the team together, develop key skills and essentially, it’s a great reward for hardworking employees and finishes your day on a high.

Tulleys Escape Rooms
Tulleys Farm
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Tulleys have been ranked #2 in the world for escape rooms on TripAdvisor! We are constantly improving our games and have our eyes firmly on the number 1 spot!